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Monday, January 24, 2011

Kick Start 5


The beginner Challange 5 is all about copyrights and using images.  This is a great idea and something that has affected me personally.  I have had my youtube videos show up on all sorts of sites.  I have never heard of half of these sites and don't know how my information even got there.  When I first found this was happening I tried contacting these sites and asking them who put my information there or I would ask if they could take it down.  Many of these sites comply but it became too much to keep up on.  I want people to use my information and learn from it so that does not upset me.  What does is that others are profitin from what I created.  Now if you watch one of my youtube videos you will notice I place a logo on the bottome right corner to try and keep ownership.  I suggest you do the same.  It will not stop people from stealing your product but will keep your name and information front and center. 

  1. Be introduced to copyright.  Bottom line is if you didn't make it and don't have permission then don't post it.  It is up to use as educators to lead by example.
  2. Learn about using Creative Commons images in posts.  The information regarding creative commons licensing is great.  Personally I really never understood Creative Commons but I believe I will look into registering some information there later today. 
  3. Find Creative commons images and add them to a blog post.  I am gonna skip this for now and work on step 5 later.
  4. Learn about uploading photos from digital cameras.  I use blogger as my blogs host.  Blogger allows me to email new posts in.  When I want to attach an image I usually use my phone and send the image as an attachment in an email.  That works for me.  When I embed a video blogger uploads and resizes it for me.  Usually I will get the embed code from my youtube channel and paste it into blogger.  I think TT&R is on a similar page to me.
  5. Learn about other way of creating your own images  I am going to check these websites out.  Maybe not today but definitely this week.
  6. Write a blog post that includes images.  Maybe not today but I will post later this week my success in creating images.
  7. Visit the Discussion question for activity five What is my favorite image site?  I don't use one.  If I use an image in the blog it is a screen shot of the page.  Usually though I try to explain things fully and create a small slide show that I turn into a movie and post on my youtube channelTT&R posted about a screen capturing tool that I may use in the future.  Bottom line is that I don't use information unless I link back to it.  For my students they must create a bibliography for all images they use that they get from the Internet. 
  1. Tips for using images online Keep them small, by that I mean adjust the file size so the image loads faster.
  2. Share how you have used images effectively in your blog I use blogger and my images that I embed are handled by blogger.  Blogger automatically resizes images for me.  The images I use are usually screen shots. 
  3. A story in 5 or 10 images. (Avoid using text altogether ) I use powerpoints that I have changed into movies.  I embed these videos into the blog and post on my youtube channel.
  4. My town/home or school in 5 or 10 images.If you choose this you could try  the  photo gallery option of the blog. (tip: add all your photos but do not insert into post. When finished, insert gallery) or


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