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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Teacher Challange Kick Start 4

Kick Start 4 for beginners is something I started before blogging and that is setting up a proper RSS feed.  I use Google for my reader account and love it.  I should thank the NY Mets for getting me started on using RSS and readers.  Actually I should thank, Matt's post are so informative that I wnated to read everything he posted.  So I should thank again for getting me started in blogging.  As far as using an online avatar for myself I have begun using a QR code.  Visiting others blogs and leaving comments is what blogging is all about and thanks to the Teachers Challenge I have seen my traffic increase.  I took a look at the discussion Question.  My response was I keep up with my favorite blogs by using my Google Reader.  I enjoy using the "Star" feature to save article that i will use as resources later.  I sort my blogs into different topics so I am able to go to that section quickly.  I explain RSS to my students that a reader is a way to create your own magazine or newspapper.  Only the information you are looking for is dispayed.  Some use, most don't...yet.  My Post
Write a review on online avatars.  I pay no attention to online avatars.  I have begun using QR codes but not consistently yet.
Write a review of some blogs you have found and are enjoying to read.  Why? I added Tech Tips and Resources to my reader.  I feel like we are teaching or experiencing a similar subject and challenges. 
What aspects of this activity did you find easy?  What surprised you?  What did you struggle with?  How could you make it easier for others? I think for a beginner the reader and RSS was explained very well.  I skipped the avatar section though.
Kick Start 4 - Advanced Begins with challenging me the author to analyze his avatar.  Again I don't use an avatar of myself.  I am beginning to use a QR code but I am in no rush to put it up everywhere.  However creating a Voki sounds like fun and perhaps I can use it for class instruction.  I have used Xrtanormal to create narrated videos for my students.  I play the videos for the class and it seems to be more engaging than having me lecture.  So Voki is now on the to do list.

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