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Thursday, April 7, 2011

print screen

Yesterday I reviewed the print screen function with 6th grade students.  I like to tell them that print screen will take a picture of whatever is on the screen at that very moment, then you can paste the image into word or PowerPoint.  Today one of my students had a virus pop up on her computer.  The student used print screen to capture and image of what was happening to the computer so we could save and show the technical administrator.  I was so proud of her for remembering what to do during a quick but stressful moment.  I have had other students use print screen when they are having trouble at home and want or need advice. 
  • To use print screen
  • Press "Print Screen" above the numbers keypad on the keyboard
  • Then open word or PowerPoint
  • right click and paste the image
  • save that document

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